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Are you ready to start your Uber Like Taxi Business Today?, wcreate an Unicorn in the Business world?, make a change in the lives of many?,

Sona CabS – SMART YOU :)

We're here to help you start and build an Uber like taxi business. Get ready to embrace what’s coming to you!

Key Features

  • Economical & High Quality native iOS & Android apps to give your business wings.
  • More features that can make your business smarter than any Taxi business in the world!
  • Developed by experts & Tested to perfection. Dont take our word for it, Check it out for yourself. View DEMO

Technical Features

  • With Sona Cab, give your customers the ease of in-app payments and ease out the payment procedure.
  • With amazing features like fare estimator, your passengers can now get a rough estimate of the fare at the tap of a button.
  • Use specific apps for specific purposes; the passenger app and the driver app will take care of your demographic dividends.

Why us?

  • We provide you with turnkey solutions. Want to start and run your business immediately? Turnkey is your solution.
  • We hand-pick our team to ensure that you have the best technical support. So give a shot and we’ll never stop supporting you.
  • We offer free upgrades for life services by proactively managing all the upgrades at your end. | Proven Results | Everything You Need

Bag the Deal

  • We give you a powerful admin panel to ensure that you control all aspects of your application.
  • We provide you with end-to-end documentation so that you get to learn how to build it as well. Moreover, if you need to make fundamental code level changes, the documentation will help you do that easily.
  • We provide you a fully automated process. Set it up once and then forget about it. Our fully automated services will take care of the rest.

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Ready for the Ride?

We are NOT in a rush to get BIG, We are in the rush to have a GREAT product...

  • Full Suite
  • $898
  • Android app for Passengers
    Android app for Drivers
  • iOS app for Passengers
    iOS app for Drivers
  • Website that works in sync with the apps.
    Admin Panel to control everything.
  • FREE upgrades for LIFE TIME
    Installation manual
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